“So it is, we drink a toast with Duca di Saragnano wine and honor the friendship that lies at its heart.”

Duca di Saragnano



Behind the name: Duca di Saragnano. A Story of Nobility

Our story begins in the Middle Ages, around the tenth century. At that time the South of Italy, particularly Sicily was under constant invasion. Throughout the Middle Ages, Arab ships dominated the Tyrrhenian Sea. Pirates prowled the Italian coast and dominated all of Sicily launching attacks against the cities of Amalfi, Gaeta, Naples, and Salerno. It was during these invasions, residents living on the Salerno coastline left the ancient city to settle more inland in search of refuge from the invaders.

Here they found the two villages of Baroda and Saragnano. At the time, Saragnano was the political and administrative center of the area. The families living in the area during this time were named after the neighborhoods or Casati’s; of the families, was ‘our’ Duke of Saragnano.  

Although these inland areas were seemingly peaceful, some local lords were in collaboration with the Arab mercenaries helping to expand their territory and extend their domination. In fact, the Arabs strengthened their military and exploited the needs of their allies in order to invade their states, killing and pillaging the noble families.

Legend has it, a courageous warrior, distinguished in bravery, possessing purpose in his nobility, and pure in spirit, ‘our’ Duke of Saragnano fought against the Arab invaders to drive them out and protect their families. Despite their efforts, the Arab militia, far more superior in numbers and in strength, conquered the surrounding areas and ruled for nearly a century.

At this time, the Duca di Saragnano was forced to flee the village to protect his family, settling in central Italy, were they were under the protection of the Holy Roman Empire.  After the expulsion of the Arabs by the Roman Empire years later, only a small fraction of the ancestry returned to Saragnano.

It is in honor of the noble Duke of Saragnano that gravely fought against the Arab army that inspired our line of wines. The story is one of honor, nobility, and virtue.