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We are passionate about independent, family wineries from around the world. These families produce high-quality, authentic wines which convey a sense of place, respect previous generations, and apply rigorous sustainability methods to preserve for future generations.


A Passion for Wine

As an importer of fine wine, we find ourselves at the crossroads of business, passion, progress, and preservation. Maintaining the identity of the regions, the terroir, and the people is as important to us as selling the highest quality wines at highly competitive prices.


For more than a decade, we have championed small producers who favor conscious engagement with their work, respect the ecology of their vineyards, and maintain balance between innovation and tradition. These diverse lands, grape varieties, and cultures produce wines that are enriching, natural, and full of life.

Family is the key to success and longevity in the wine business. Uva Imports has built its reputation on long-term growth with each of our partners abroad and at home. We value the hard work of our producers, our distribution partners, the restaurant community, and our independent retailers.


The satisfaction we find in connecting with wine-lovers from around the world, thirsty for new discoveries, motivates us to continue the search to bring these wines to your table. 

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