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The catalyst for this pair of labels resulted from the marriage of Laurence and Gerard Vinet. These wines pay homage to both families’ vineyards – Domaine La Quilla and Domaine St. Martin.

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DOMAINE DE LA QUILLA After World War II Gustave Vinet began farming 4 hectares and, step by step, the property has evolved with Gustave’s son, Gerard, taking over the growing 8-hectare estate in 1981. Today, with the help of his brother and wife Laurence, this property represents the largest holding of the Vinet family at 30 hectares strong (74 acres).
DOMAINE SAINT-MARTIN Laurence and Gerard married 1990, and with her came the family property in Château Thébaud. The Domaine’s 9 hectares are steeped in tradition and it wines are still made in the same proven, generations-old techniques.

LOCATION: Argentina > Mendoza


REGION: Uco Valley: Los Arboles, Altamira, San Carlos


WINEMAKERS: Jason Mabbett and Duncan Killiner


ESTATE OWNERS: Alejandro Sejanovich and Jeff Mausbach


FARMING: Non-certified organic farming without pesticides. Only organic fertilizer and Bordeaux mixture are used in the vineyards.


KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Malbec and Pinot Noir



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La Quilla

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Saint Martin

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MN Malbec 2011.png

MN Pinot Noir Origen N 2010 .png

MN Malbec 2011.png

MN Malbec 2011.png



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