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Joanna Dubrawska is on a journey, exploring the world through the grape vine. If you taste her wines, they will take you on an epic journey as well. A pure, natural expression from the earth to your lips.

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We are excited to present to the U.S., this nomadic natural wine project from Joanna Dubrawska. Formerly with COS in Sicily for 5 years, Joanna moved to France and worked with the Cazotte family in Gaillac, Sud-Ouest, southwestern France. Joanna utilizes natural techniques like biodynamic farming, spontaneous yeast fermentation, amphora, and no additional sulfur when possible. Exploring the natural world, through winemaking, Joanna has now made wine in Sicily, Gaillac, Savioe, Loire, and now with this new vintage, Spain. From organically farmed Xarello in the Penedes, with her friend Oriol Artigas.

LOCATION: Argentina > Mendoza


REGION: Uco Valley: Los Arboles, Altamira, San Carlos


WINEMAKERS: Jason Mabbett and Duncan Killiner


ESTATE OWNERS: Alejandro Sejanovich and Jeff Mausbach


FARMING: Non-certified organic farming without pesticides. Only organic fertilizer and Bordeaux mixture are used in the vineyards.


KEY GRAPE VARIETIES: Malbec and Pinot Noir



MN Malbec 2011.png

Maninalto 2019

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Maninalto 2020

MN Malbec 2011.png

Maninalto 2021

MN Malbec 2011.png

MN Pinot Noir Origen N 2010 .png

MN Malbec 2011.png

MN Malbec 2011.png



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